Huntington Care Network is an Accountable Care Organization committed to improving the quality and experience of patient care.

We achieve that by providing enhanced services to improve your health, reduce duplication and improve the efficiency of care. We use several types of programs in order to accomplish these goals.

Care coordination: Staff is available to assist the doctor and patient in navigating the health care system and receiving the care that they require in a timely manner.

Transitional care: Tracking patients as they transition from one healthcare setting to another and eventually to home, making sure that important treatment information follows the patient and each patient who is discharged from a hospital, rehabilitation facility or nursing home is seen by their primary care provider within a short time after their discharge.

Access to care: Ensuring that care is readily available, making it easier to be seen in the physician's office or another appropriate setting rather than using the emergency room.

Access to information: Making sure that all health-related information is available to all providers of care and the patients themselves at the time care is provided to improve the care that is given. This should also help reduce unnecessary duplicate testing and treatment.

Quality Measurement: Under the Medicare Shared Savings Program, ACOs will report on 33 quality metrics. The collection of quality metrics help providers determine how and where they can improve on delivering high-quality care and spending health care dollars more wisely.

Disease management: Designed for patients with asthma, diabetes, HIV and heart conditions, our disease management programs focus on education, treatment and ongoing management to make living with chronic conditions easier.

Health and wellness programs: Support for preventive health care and making healthy changes by offering access to a wide variety of programs and resources.